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Nutrition & Culinary Services

Our Healthy Kitchen is mission focused in changing one life at a time by educating on developing better nutrition habits through plant-based eating. Our company boasts teams that are experienced in providing virtual trainings and courses in the areas of nutritional values, and goals necessary to live a prosperous and heathy lifestyle by eating to live and not living to eat.  The founding principles are focused on preventing diseases associated with improper food choice. The team is well rounded and has been published in several well-known magazines, such as Food & Wine, Eating Well, All Recipes, Southern Living, Magnolia and many more.

ACMA will help collect and assess your organization’s development needs to tailor our training methods for the most impactful results. We partner with government organizations of all sizes to produce measurable results for an entire agency or one employee. 

As we embark on changing one life at a time; Our Healthy Kitchen has customized culinary, nutrition courses for your corporate wellness programs that help reduce health risks and increases performances.