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5 Steps to Staying Organized That Will Contribute to Ongoing Success

We think you will agree when we say it is often challenging to stay organized, especially when balancing a couple of projects. Not to mention, the newly adopted working from home environment that can make it tricky to remain focused as work duties, and home duties start blending together. As the world continues to change, we must learn to become adaptable and innovative as we take on new responsibilities in this everchanging environment. Below we have listed a few pointers on how to get success-driven results through a few simple, organizational tips!

Rid the Mind-Clutter with Organization

Organization can be subjective. One may think running around like a headless chicken, and putting out fires is organization. Others may believe organization is analyzing every little aspect of life and categorizing every little detail. The truth of the matter is that organization is in the eye of the beholder. With that being said, we try to implement universal tips at ACMA to streamline current and future projects. Each of these tips is intended to be adapted to fit your consulting needs. Consequently, ACMA prioritizes these simple tips as we find it assists in the success of new contracts we take on within our management consulting firm.

5 Steps to Stay Organized

  • Write Things Down! This is the most critical step in optimizing your organization. Writing by hand forces your brain to process information more thoroughly, making it more effective than typing out a task in your phone’s notepad. It can also boost your self-confidence. It is critical to understand that simply remembering things will not help you stay organized. You should try writing down your thoughts and tasks.
  • Create Schedules & Prepare Deadlines! Well-organized people don’t waste time. They understand that staying organized and productivity go hand in hand. They make and stick to daily and weekly routines. They set deadlines and objectives. And, most importantly, they stick to them! Living a cluttered life means you won’t have enough time or opportunity to meet deadlines or accomplish your goals.
  • Don’t Procrastinate! The longer you put off doing something, the more difficult it will be to complete it. If you want your life to be less stressful and demanding, you should organize as soon as possible. Putting in the effort to get things done as soon as possible relieves you of the burden of having to do it later.
  • Delegate Responsibilities! Everyone has 24 hours in a day and simply not enough time to overburden yourself with doing everything on your own. So, get past the awkward feeling of delegating and let someone else handle some of these responsibilities that will produce the results you want to see!
  • Work Hard! It is just that simple. Once you have delegated and optimized your schedule, new projects and new milestones are possible! Approach the tasks one at a time, focus in on the task at hand. Check the tasks off your list and move to the next. Do not allow others to distract you as they email, text, call or even casually walk past your office; if you are, in fact, back in the office. Our CEO advises that a “Winning Work Day” happens when at the end of the day you can see what you have completed. Flag the emails and return them if they are not urgent of course, at the end of the day. Finish your day with a clear mind that whatever was not completed can be approached the following day.

We work hard to implement these organizational tips at our management consulting firm. These simple yet effective steps help ACMA to succeed within various governmental contracts! We now have more time to focus on innovation as we have found ways to streamline mundane processes, bridge the gap, and optimize our services to you. Learn more about us by visiting our LinkedIn!