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ACMA boasts experience working with agencies to streamline processes and improve procedures to strategically align with our customers goals and agency missions. Our services have included but are not limited too; experience across multiple federal agencies providing technical program and project management for complex integration and migrations efforts, transforming organizations through change management, driving to the end deliverable schedule as well as other areas of expertise. 

The Fastest Way to Achieve Success

We bring the right people together to challenge established thinking and drive transformation.

ACMA works with agencies to manage a collection or coordinate individual projects to achieve efficiencies of scale. We streamline processes and improve procedures to meet the customers’ demands on requirements.  ACMA’s success in this area includes supporting disaster relief victims and others in remote rural locations. Our accomplishments have warranted continued project and program management support across the federal government.  

ACMA provides professional full acquisition life-cycle management consulting support to enhance and supplement federal, state and local agencies in the administration and management of their acquisition management activities. Our team will support acquisition pre-award activities, post-award activities, and contract closeouts.

ACMA will help collect and assess your organization’s development needs to tailor our training methods for the most impactful results. We partner with government organizations of all sizes to produce measurable results for an entire agency or one employee. Our training places emphasis on change with customizable general training courses that are either facilitated or virtual with the use of Artificial Intelligence as well as other personality assessments and tools.